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 The Systemic Equity Collective

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The Systemic Equity Collective is dedicated to Equity and its influence on Diversity and Inclusion, we recognize systemic issues that influence how these principles show up in working environments, communities and systems of disenfranchisement. We uphold that there are only positive outcomes when we implement a collective of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and religious diversity, within a cultivating atmosphere. 

The S.E.C works to Advocate, Inform, Empower and Improve black and other vulnerable communities through equity.

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The Systemic Equity Collective

Our Story

Inspiring Change

Started by our dedicated and visionary leader back in 2021, The Systemic Equity Collective has grown into an impactful Social Movement. This organization was created out of a dream to embolden people and bridge the gaps caused by systemic inequities. It recognizes that no one person can represent an entire community and it takes collective action to change a communities circumstances.The Systemic Equity Collective is a grassroots organization that amplifies the voice of vulnerable communities on a micro, mezzo and macro level. We work with organizations, communities and individuals to evoke change that will impact and benefit BIPOC.  

Our Movement

What We Do

Social Justice

As a Black-Owned  and Woman Owned Organization, Social Justice is our number one priority. The S.E.C is committed to the

re-distribution of knowledge, wealth and resources. We highlight political conversations from a stance of harm-reduction and education that will benefit vulnerable communities. 


The Systemic Equity Collective has built an environment of support and helpful resources to make sure that Collective Action is always a priority. Our success is driven by the hearts, minds, and souls of our community. Come and join us.



Advocacy is an essential pillar of our Social Movement. There is strength in numbers, and we work to inform, encourage and empower others to take a stand for what they believe in. 


Anti-racism is at the root of all services offered by The S.E.C. We seek to dismantle white-supremacy as an ideology and a foundation of oppression. We do this work in an effort to uplift communities who have been harmed by racist practices, research and policies. 

Community Healing 

The S.E.C believes healing is an act of resistance. We can not ignore the effects of generations of white supremacy and its political and social power, so we promote the fight against it with moments of joy, meditation, self-care and therapy. 


Our Services

what we offer

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consulting 

We offer Consulting in the development of DEI Roadmaps, Departments,Organizational planning, PR, and department evaluations.


We specialize in DEI departmental evaluations that seek to identify growth areas in trainings, resources, and equitable work practices. 

Development & Facilitation 

We create organizational and departmental specific trainings and training series that seek to promote anti-racism and inclusive work environments. 

Previous Training Topics Include:

-Unconscious Bias Training 

- Workforce Development Training for Managers 

- Talent Acquisition- Experience does not equal competency

-Setting up an Honest & Productive  Feedback Loop 

Speaking Engagements 

Members of the SEC have participated in speaking engagements nationwide with topics focusing on DEI, Activism, Education, Generational Trauma and Blackness in the Workforce. 


Previous Topics Include :

-Creating Organizational Inclusion through Collective Action

-Imposter Syndrome- being BIPOC in higher education 

- Aligning your mission with Corporate Social Responsibility

- Creating an Evolving EDI Model

-Thinking through Impact- Moving Past Performative Actions

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