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The S.E.C is committed to educating people on topics that can benefit the trajectory of BIPOC communities. We use Social Media as a platform to spread knowledge on topics riddled with misconceptions and stigma. We participate in political discussions as neutral as possible in order to facilitate discussion and the exchange of information.

The MIND Mentoring Program will be launching in 2024 


The S.E.C specializes in Consulting in the development of DEI Roadmaps & Departments, Organizational planning, PR, and department evaluations that seek to identify growth areas in trainings, resources, and equitable work practices.


Organizational Development 

The S.E.C provides organizational development services including strategic planning, staff retreats, and change management. 


Training Development and Facilitation 

 The S.E.C creates organizational and departmental specific trainings and training series that seek to promote anti-racism and inclusive work environments. 

Previous Training Topics Include:

-Unconscious Bias Training 

- Workforce Development Training for Managers 

- Talent Acquisition- Experience does not equal competency

-Setting up an Honest & Productive Feedback Loop 


Speaking Engagements 

Members of the SEC have participated in speaking engagements nationwide with topics focusing on DEI, Activism, Education, Generational Trauma, Blackness in the Workforce, and Higher Education. 

Previous Topics Include :

-Creating Organizational Inclusion through Collective Action

-Imposter Syndrome- being BIPOC in higher education 

- Aligning your mission with Corporate Social Responsibility

- Creating an Evolving EDI Model

-Thinking through Impact- Moving Past Performative Actions

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