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The Story of The Systemic Equity Collective

Founded in 2021

The Systemic Equity Collective is a Activist Organization that started back in 2021. We embrace a strategy of Empowering the community from the ground up, Embracing DEI Industry and nationwide, Facilitating leadership opportunities, and Advocating for changes with a real impact.

What started as a dream from a girl who couldn't decide how she wanted to help people, grew an organization that does it all. The Systemic Equity Collective defines its scope of work as pushing pash performative actions into sustainable and impactful ones. At the Core of our work is education. We believe in the power of education on the lives of Black and POC Communities and work to provide concise and clear recaps of national discussions as a source of empowerments . 


We have helped organizations in a range of industries from Tech to Healthcare create a more equitable and inclusive environment for their employees and their consumers via Trainings, Speaking Engagements and Consulting. 

The S.E.C operates on five Pillars of Purpose; Social Justice, Advocacy, Collectivism, Anti-racism, and Community Healing 

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